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B&G tops the Fastnet podium

B&G-equipped yachts take the top spots in Line Honours and Overall in IRC. 

The winning choice

We were delighted to see B&G-equipped boats do well throughout the 400-strong fleet in the Rolex Fastnet race. With conditions that varied from calms to downwind sleigh rides, B&G-equipped yachts were able to use their onboard electronics to stay in complete control. Our electronics were to be found on boats from line honours monohull, Rambler 88 to Jeanneau Sun Fast 3300 Fastrak XII in IRC 3.

This video from Yachting World shows the B&G setup on IMOCA 60 Charal.

B&G-equipped boats on the leaderboard

Line Honours:
1st: Rambler 88 (Canting Keel Sloop) - WTP3 and H5000 displays
2nd: SHK Scallywag (Maxi Dovell) - WTP3 and H5000 displays
3rd: Wizard (VO70)  - WTP3 and H5000 displays

IRC Overall:
1st: Wizard (VO70)  - WTP3 and H5000 displays
2nd: Bretagne Telecom (Mach 45)
3rd: Tala (Botin IRC 52)


1st: Tonnerre De Glen (Ker 46)
2nd: Ino XXX (HH42) - H5000 
3rd: Albator (NMD43)

3rd: Sunrise (JPK11.80) - H5000 

1st: Fastrak XII (Sun Fast 3300) H5000 and H5000 Pilot

IRC 4B: 
3rd: With Alacrity (Sigma 38) - H5000 CPU, Triton2 displays and Zeus3 

Doublehanded Class: 
2nd: Fastrak XII (Sun Fast 3300) - H5000

1st: Charal - WTP3 and H5000 Pilot
2nd: PRB - H3000 Displays
3rd: Banque Populaire -WTP3 and H5000 Displays

MOCRA Multihull
3rd: Hissy Fit (Dazcat 1495) - H5000/Zeus3 

Open Multihull
1st: Maxi Edmond de Rothschild - WTP3 and H5000 Pilot 
2nd: Macif - B&G