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Latest B&G® software release features key Radar and visual enhancements

Improved Radar Screen for Clearer Viewing Among Top New Features

Southampton, UK - B&G®, the world’s leading sailing navigation and instrument specialist,  released its 20.2 software update in April, complete with several new radar features, display updates and integration capabilities that continue to make B&G products the leading multifunctional displays (MFDs) for sailing.

            “There are a host of Radar and AIS improvements as well as IP Camera Support for Zeus, Zeus Glass Helm and Vulcan products in Version 20.2 that make this a very important update for our users,” said Matt Eeles, Product Director, B&G. “Safety has always been the first priority for our B&G radar systems and we’ve coupled that with some interface improvements to give the user an even clearer visual experience across our B&G displays.”

One key highlight is the improved radar screen  with contrasting numbers on the outside of the vivid range rings and the capability for a scaled boat icon for the user’s vessel. Radar target symbols have been redesigned for optimal clarity and easier tracking, while moving radar and AIS targets can now show a graduated trail to see the vessel’s routing history.

Similarly, the AIS system has a new set of icons for clarity and more detailed information for the operator. And when radar and the AIS acquire the same target, the system will automatically display the target with one symbol to reduce clutter on the screen. In addition, the active route can now also be shown on the radar screen allowing for even greater safety awareness.

Other features as part of the update include; IP Camera support, allowing more efficient installation of cameras for applications including safety, security or sail monitoring,  a new CZone® Control Bar which will allow easy digital switching control from the B&G MFD and similarly, a new ITC Lighting Control Bar for easy control of a vessel’s lighting.

Other improvements iinclude an updated menu structure, ability to share the boat’s settings across all MFDs without the need to input more than once, new and improved Easy Routing libraries from C-MAP® charts and a vessel location identifier on the MFD when receiving a VHF distress message.

A summary of the key updates as part of NOS Version 20.2 include:

  • Radar User Interface improvements
  • AIS improvements
  • IP Camera Support
  • CZone® Control Bar integration
  • ITC Lighting control bar integration