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New software update

Sync your routes and waypoints with the free C-MAP Embark App, Advanced WindPlot comes to Vulcan, and more


NOS 18.3 now available!

The NOS 18.3 software update for Vulcan, Zeus³, Zeus², Zeus³ Glass Helm and Zeus² Glass Helm displays reinforces the B&G® tradition of long-term support for our products. This update is free and introduces the Advanced WindPlot functionality to the Vulcan range. NOS 18.3 also includes C-MAP Embark Sync, new Dual Mode WiFi capability and updates to the Menu, offering a simpler layout to make it easier to find the desired settings. 

C-MAP Embark Sync

You can access detailed chart data anytime, anywhere with C-MAP Embark Sync. Synchronize user-created data like routes, waypoints and tracks between the C-MAP Embark App and your B&G display with the C-MAP Embark sync support included in the NOS 18.3 software update.


WindPlot Enhancement (now on Vulcan)

WindPlot is a special type of Time Plot, specifically designed to help understand recent changes in wind speed and direction. The changes to WindPlot are aimed at providing users with a clearer view of wind trends, easier comparison of True Wind Speed (TWS) to True Wind Direction (TWD) and better display in small panels for use alongside charts, RacePanel or SailSteer features.

Dual Mode WiFi

With Dual Mode WiFi you can now maintain a WiFi connection to your B&G display, and still use it as an access point for screen mirroring/remote control from a smartphone or tablet via the Link app. Prior to the NOS 18.3 software release, B&G displays could only perform one of the task at a time, connecting to the internet or serving as an access point for screen mirroring/remote control.